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    Learning from each project, we have continually refined our process to make sure we keep the project on time, and on budget. We strive to keep our clients in constant communication throughout each step of the project.

    • blueprint


      Every project starts with a workshop at our office. These collaborative sessions allow our team to ramp-up, brainstorm, and uncover new ideas without requiring the client to have every aspect of the project ironed out ahead of time. In these workshops we uncover the core challenge and begin to blueprint how we’ll solve it.

      The Blueprint has become our calling card, and what separates us from most (if not all) of the other shops. This technical document outlines the entire project — from deliverables, schedule, and user stories to OS targets, wireframes, object graphs and system architecture. This becomes the go-to document for the client and our developers, illustrating exactly what we are building and why.

    • design


      Once we get through the Blueprint and know what we are building, it's time to dig into the fun stuff — Design! We gather inspirations, colors, typefaces, backgrounds, animations, prototypes, and more to bring the project to life. We can work with existing style/brand guidelines, or help you create them from scratch.

    • build


      Our development team (under one roof) works together seamlessly to execute everything the project needs — from native iOS, Android and mobile web development, to KH.LOUD API and CMS services. The magic of mobile is in the KH.LOUD, making everything run smoothly and securely from behind the scenes.

      With the completed Blueprint and Design documents in hand, the development team begins building out the user interface and the back-end to support it.

    • support


      After a project goes to market, we're still on the job. We engage the appropriate tools for monitoring and support. We've got you covered if anything comes up!

      App Monitoring and Maintenance

      After your app has been distributed, we continue to monitor your app and reviews to make sure that your users have the best experience possible. Not only will we fix the bugs, we will provide recommendations based on the review for how to best resolve your users issues.

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