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    In our 8+ years we've had the pleasure to collaborate with some of the finest clients and organizations on some pretty dynamic projects.

    For example:
    We were tasked with building ’s sales enablement app that revolutionized the industry, and increased quarterly sales %. We worked on the retail kiosk for k which created a strategic partnership with K, the largest k in the country. We built the companion app for , the flagship product of which garnered a front page article in . Of course we can't forget about whose app become a global phenomenon because it's available in 12 different languages. Just to name a few.

    If you were wondering, we live under NDA! We respect our client’s unique ideas, business needs, and sensitive data/IP. Intrigued? Click here to get in touch and start a conversation.

    • Native Mobile

      For mobile applications, we focus on native development for Android and iOS (along with tvOS and watchOS). Native apps are fast, reliable and allow us to build unique and special user experiences — tapping into native libraries and integrating hardware optimized tools for AR, VR, 3D, and Bluetooth.

      • Image of Pearl Harbor (VALR) app for iOS and Android
      • Image of Senaptec Sensory Station app
      • Image of Swatchdeck app for iPhone and iPad
      • Image of Leupold and Stevens app for iOS and Android

    From the start, we have benefited from working with Knuckleheads. Their Blueprint & Design approach ensures that the software is developed correctly the first time, avoiding costly rework. As we have deployed the software they created around the world, the Knuckleheads team has been extremely supportive in making adjustments to resolve emergent customer needs. They are with you for the long haul! I value them as a partner to our business and consider this a long-term relationship.

    – Senaptec

    • KH.LOUD Services

      The magic of mobile is in the KH.LOUD. What you can't see is often the most important component to mobile. KH.LOUD allows us to efficiently deploy scalable mobile support systems. Apps backed by KH.LOUD include push notifications, dynamic imagery, passbook passes, tickets, computer vision, and streaming video — all managed through a simple CMS backed by KH.LOUD.

    Working with the Knuckleheads has been a true pleasure. Having a company that not only is knowledgable and caring about their projects and customer but also delivers as expected each time has proved to us that the Knuckleheads were the right choice for SwatchDeck and will continue to be our only choice.

    – SwatchDeck

    • Gamification & Onboarding

      Gamification adds design patterns typically reserved for games into other apps to help improve user engagement, activity and training. Integrated onboarding experiences allow users to intuitively train-up on app usage patterns.

      • Image of gamification concept that displays redeemable points.
      • Image of logo for gamification challenge used in an app.
      • Image of data visualization design used in Senaptec Sensory Station.
      • Image of gamification concept that displays total miles for the week.

    I have been really impressed with Knuckleheads. We are on our 3rd mobile App with them and their team is great about understanding our strategy and requirements and delivering an App that exceeds our expectations.

    – Nautilus

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