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    In our 8+ years we've had the pleasure to collaborate with some of the finest clients and organizations on some pretty dynamic projects.

    For example:
    We were tasked with building ’s sales enablement app that revolutionized the industry, and increased quarterly sales %. We worked on the retail kiosk for k which created a strategic partnership with K, the largest k in the country. We built the companion app for , the flagship product of which garnered a front page article in . Of course we can't forget about whose app become a global phenomenon because it's available in 12 different languages. Just to name a few.

    If you were wondering, we live under NDA! We respect our client’s unique ideas, business needs, and sensitive data/IP. Intrigued? Click here to get in touch and start a conversation.


    The ScoutSavvy (SS) team reached out to Knuckleheads to help shake-up the way recruiting and job seeking is currently handled — specifically around diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We set out to help them build a platform that gave prospective job seekers access to modern tools with innovative ways of “scouting” for jobs that align with their personal life goals and lifestyle. Recruiters and businesses also have pain-points around diversity outreach and blind recruiting. ScoutSavvy solves these issues with tools to help them stay competitive socially. ScoutSavvy gives them access to an entirely new channel and talent pool while seamlessly integrating with their existing job posting platform.
    Knuckleheads effectively became the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for the SS team. We handled everything from idea-to-deployment of multiple web portals, companion native mobile applications, and all of the backend tools to power the system, including deep business analytics/reporting. The heart of the SS system was envisioned, designed and implemented by KH — a magical, flexible, and extensible algorithm that matches everyone based on the personal life goals and lifestyle in near real-time — set your personal compass and SS does the rest. Through the Blueprint phase we also developed a roadmap so the SS team has a 12+ month plan for additional features and improvements. Our work with ScoutSavvy led to them winning the Pre-Revenue Technology Company of the Year category at the Oregon Tech Awards.

    I've been consistently impressed with the team at Knuckleheads, from the moment I walked into the our first blueprint meeting until product launch. I can say that the discovery, design, and development processes that the Knuckleheads team employs are the best that I've worked with. The team also added business value during the process, by offering suggestions for business cases, and implementing features that would improve the ROI of the project. The project has been on time, and their work has exceeded my expectations. When I show the product to potential customers, they are consistently excited about the design, usability, and user interface. I would recommend their work to any company that wants to work with an agile, intelligent, innovative team to produce a best-in-class product.

    – ScoutSavvy


    The Senaptec team reached out to Knuckleheads to help save a sensory platform for elite athletes/teams that Nike was phasing out of their product line. With the licensed IP, we set out to help them re-build (from scratch) their platform, the “Senaptec Sensory Station”. We added much deeper tracking, evaluations, and reporting of the data, as well as a phone and tablet version that the original system didn’t offer clients. While the initial focus was professional sports teams, subsequent releases have included versions specifically for medical and military training purposes.
    Knuckleheads re-built the entire project from scratch and have acted as their “development arm” since we started working together in 2014. We handle everything from idea to deployment for the entire system, including deep business analytics/reporting for each of their clients. KH.LOUD supports their HIPAA compliant workflows, and client managed custom encryption workflows. KH.LOUD also supports their distributed data systems across unlimited locations per client — with online and offline sync support. Having an on-going relationship with the Senaptec team, KH continues to manage and support on-going enhancements to improve their capabilities as the market leader.

    Since launch, Senaptec has been featured in multiple articles from the Portland Business Journal to the Bleacher Report.

    From the start, we have benefited from working with Knuckleheads. Their Blueprint & Design approach ensures that the software is developed correctly the first time, avoiding costly rework. As we have deployed the software they created around the world, the Knuckleheads team has been extremely supportive in making adjustments to resolve emergent customer needs. They are with you for the long haul! I value them as a partner to our business and consider this a long-term relationship.

    – Senaptec

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