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    Occasionally, we make time to play with new ideas that combine technology and design. Here are some of our most recent apps.

    • Pixel Me Up App Icon

      Pixel Me Up

      We created an iMessages app that lets you send encrypted photos. Take or select a photo, adjust the resolution, then send to friends and family.

      Download Pixel Me Up on the App Store.
    • Livewired Art Wall at Cup & Bar
       Livewired App Icon


      What's Your Color?

      The grid of circles on the wall in Cup & Bar is an abstract representation of the physical space. With a little help from computer vision, the room is expressed in 768 pixels. When you visit, take a moment to wander around the room and see your impact. If you squint, you’ll see the bar on the left and seating on the right. As the space changes — through light, color, and audio — the wall adapts.

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